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Adirondack Save-A-Stray is a privately-run, Non-profit, 501c3 Animal Shelter/Rescue that was established in 1983 and whose goal is to save lives and to make furever, happy unions! We strive to provide the best care to every life that we save, and we go through great lengths to find homes that are responsible, loving, compassionate and stable!

   Adirondack Save-A-Stray started out in a small storefront in the town of Corinth. Our founder Meredith Fiel had moved here from Long Island to open an antique shop in town and bought a farm. It was discovered quickly that her farm was a popular drop spot for animals. She would bring them to the shop and it became known if you buy an antique, a cat came with it. After realizing the need for an animal shelter she became an animal advocate and Adirondack Save A Stray was born.

   Over the past 35 years, Adirondack Save a Stray has saved and found wonderful homes for 60,000 plus animals. We are not your typical shelter. We are an open concept shelter and stay as cage-free as we can. This is their temporary home and we treat them as such.

   Along with taking in stray cats and owner-surrendered cats and dogs Adirondack Save A Stray has found that spaying and neutering have become more and more prevalent here in the Northeast. This means that there are fewer homeless pets. However, it is quite a different story especially at high kill shelters in the south. About 1.5 million of those animals are euthanized. Southern states like Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas have some of the highest kill rates in the county and can euthanize after just a 3-day hold.

   The sad truth is that thousands of unwanted pets are abandoned across the county every day. Cats, dogs, and boxes full of kittens and puppies are routinely dropped in parking lots, by dumpsters or surrendered to shelters all hours of the day. All but a few lucky ones will be euthanized within days unless rescue commits to their safety. Unfortunately, adoptions are few and far between especially black dogs.

   We receive hundreds of emails weekly begging for us to help rescue these beautiful babies. Urgent pleas for us to pull, commit, and arrange transportation to give them a second lease on life. We work with shelters all along the east coast and southern states to save as many as possible and give them the “freedom ride” up North

   Upon arrival, every animal's health is checked, fecal samples are checked, animals are dewormed when necessary Vaccinated and Heartworm/Lyme tested when age-appropriate. They are also Parvo and Giardia tested. All our rescues receive their first month of heartworm prevention and flea & tick control before going to their new homes with their new families. All of our older dogs are microchipped as well. At the time of adoption, you will receive 3 certificates, one for a free deworming, one for partial reimbursement of the spay or neuter(if not already done) and the third for an herbal bath. You’ll also go with a puppy pack and pillow(when available).

   Adirondack Save A Stray also has a community outreach program. This program includes a pet food bank, help with emergency care, resources for training and low-cost veterinary care at Dr. Julie Cornell’s Wellness Clinic. Which is located here at the shelter. The Wellness Clinic does low-cost feline neuters, vaccines, microchipping, Heartworm/Lyme tests, fecal tests and more.

   Adirondack Save A Stray is not funded by any local, state or federal agencies. We survive solely on program fees, donations and the kindness of others The adoption fees go to help cover the cost of rescue. Which include Pull fees from the originating shelter, Veterinary care, support to our fosters that house them till they can come for adoption, transportation to the shelter, and the overhead cost of keeping the shelter running. All this is very expensive.

   Animals require your patience, dedication, and most of all love. In return, you will receive the companionship and love of your furry friend for life.

For more information about who we are or how to help support our shelter please contact us 518-654-6220 or

Also, feel free to visit our Facebook page or website.



Thank You !!

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