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Max Bordis Pet Food Pantry

Adirondack Save A Stray realizes that this is an unusual time we are in and although we have always had a pet food bank we are going to be focusing more on community outreach. Anyone can fall on hard times and many people right now are in need of a little extra help.. Through our Max Bordis Pet Food Pantry, will provide cat and dog food and limited pet supplies to anyone needing help caring for their animals. No one should have to wonder how they will feed their pet.


Max Bordis Pet Food Pantry

Our Pet Food Bank helps pet-owning families to keep their four-legged family members by providing them with pet food and other necessities. Even in times of financial hardship, people will sacrifice food for themselves in order to feed the pets they love. Through our Max Bordis Pet Food Pantry, sponsored by Adirondack Save A Stray, we provide cat and dog food and limited pet supplies to anyone needing help caring for their animals. Adirondack Save A Stray's goal is to keep your pets belly full. No pet should go hungry.


Anyone who is in need can qualify but you must fill out the application and be able to provide income verification if requested.

Adirondack Save A Stray strongly recommend that all pets be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccines. If you need help with this please state so when appling.  Individuals  in need of immediate assistance can contact us at 518-654-6220 to request a one-time donation of pet food. You must be able to make arrangements to pick up your donation from Adirondack Save A Stray.

How to Help

We want to assist as many pets and people as possible but we need your help! Adirondack Save A Stray runs entirely on donations from the community and the need for support exceeds the resources that are available. There are many ways you can contribute to our cause and support local families in need:

  • Drop off unopened bags or cans of pet food, treats, litter or other suppliesPlease contact us for a drop off location .

  • Order items from our Amazon Wish List – they’ll be delivered right to our door.

  • Organize a pet food drive with your office, school or community group.

  • Make a monetary donation to Adirondack Save A Stray.

If you have questions, would like to learn how you can get involved or need assistance, contact our ASAS team.

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