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Adoptable dogs and cats
adoptable dogs and cats
Adoptable dogs and cats
Adoptable dogs and cats

 Thank you for taking an interest in Adirondack Save A Stray and the rescues in our foster care. The following is a wish list of our most used and valuable Items. Thank you in advance for helping make tails wag and hearts purr.



Cat Litter

Cat Food Dry & Canned


Cat Scratchers

Cat Litter Pans

Cat Beds

Fleece Blankets


Paper Towels

Laundry Soap

Dish Soap

Dust Pans

Cleaning Supplies







Adoptable dogs and cats
Adoptable dogs and cats
Adoptable dogs and cats

Best Indestructible Dog Toys​

Dogs are born with a built-in desire to chew stemming from the pack animals they are descended from who chewed raw bones and tissue– it’s in their DNA, and they need to chew. Chewing offers mental stimulation (dogs get bored, just like people do), plus it keeps their strong jaws in shape.  Dogs that don’t have the opportunity to chew will suffer longer-term health problems and lose their teeth much earlier in life. Look at chewing as exercise – dogs feel better when they do it and are less likely to tackle your furniture and other inappropriate items. The right toy can help keep a dog’s teeth in good shape, too.

We’ve done the legwork and chosen 20 of the best chew toys for aggressive chewers so you can spend less time searching and more time playing with your dog.  Our number 1 favorite? The KONG Extreme Dog Toy. It floats, it bounces, it holds treats and it’s virtually indestructible.

If you would like to donate items off our wish list       please contact the shelter at 518-654-6220

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