Donate to the shelter 

Adirondack Save A Stray saves hundreds of animals each year and has strong ties within the community.


We always try to give back, whether it be through our pet food bank, low-cost veterinary care program, pet referral website, community education, adoptions and much more. The lives we save and the people we help are directly impacted by our efforts.


The fact is that you are our lifeline to keep our doors open. Our mission as a no-kill animal shelter is to save the lives of as many cats and dogs as we can. We are proud of the work we do and our record speaks for itself. There is no way that we can continue to house animals and help those in need, and do it properly, without you coming to our aid. We receive no federal, state or local funding and therefore depend on your kindness for which we are very grateful.


The volunteers at Adirondack Save A Stray see so much pain and suffering that it is hard to keep on going in the face of such adversity. We work 24/7, many times at the expense of family, friends and loved ones and even on the holidays, to make sure our animals are safe, healthy and happy


What keeps us going? Our love of animals, the response from happy adopters, pictures, smiles and your support that pours into the shelter every day. However, more money goes out then what comes in. To continue our mission of saving these babies we need your support. We have no other place to turn but to you. Please consider donating today. 


Your donation may just save the next life!